Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse of a Minor or Vulnerable Adult

Sexual abuse cases are sensitive and complicated. They require the attention of an experienced personal injury attorney. At Krankemann Law Offices in Ukiah and Santa Rosa, California, you can find the experienced representation you require. Attorney Pano Stephens has been handling personal injury litigation since 1968.

Negligent Employers and Institutions

An employer may be held liable for the acts of an employee if the employer failed to take proper precautions to prevent sexual abuse. Examples of institutions that may have liability for the actions of an employee include schools, universities, churches, daycare facilities, doctor’s offices, counselor’s offices and health clubs.

  • Negligence may be established in a number of ways, but may include:
  • Failure to perform a background check
  • Failure to investigate reported incidents
  • Failure to properly supervise
  • Failure to take proper action after a report of abuse

Abuse of Children and Vulnerable Adults

People who abuse children and vulnerable adults are often in a position of power. They may be teachers, church officials, psychologists, nursing home employees, babysitters or other individuals with the motive and opportunity to take advantage of a person who is in a vulnerable state.

Be an Instrument of Change

For every incident of abuse that is reported, there are many that go unreported. Unfortunately, many abuse victims feel too shamed or violated to report what has occurred to them. That should never be the case. No person has a right to violate another’s personal sanctity for their own selfish ends.

Taking Control of Your Future

It is difficult for money to justly compensate a victim of sexual abuse, but our law seeks to make a victim whole as best as it can. Many abuse victims do obtain a feeling of empowerment, justice and closure when they hold abusers accountable for their actions.

Resolving Your Case In Your Best Interests

Pano Stephens will work with you to obtain the best outcome for you. You have a voice in how your case proceeds. Whether your case requires a contested trial or an out-of-court settlement, your best interests will guide that process. Mr. Stephens has the experience to vigorously represent your interests in settlement proceedings or in court.

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